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Juicy News from District Governor Judy

District Governor Judy GalmMarch is upon us and I wonder where the year has gone. Seems like it was just yesterday that PDG Dean Hess and I were heading off to Toronto for my Governor's school and the International Convention. Now 8 months has passed and the year is beginning to wind down although there is still too much to do. I have visited almost all the clubs, but there are a few that remain.

Florida Lions Foundation Donations

I know that I have mentioned this before, but please remember that contributions to the Florida Lions Foundation need to be mailed BEFORE April 15th, so they can include the funds in the 2014-2015 budget year. In case you aren't aware, contributions from this year dictate what the Foundation has to spend for the next year. So please let District Treasurer Lion Norma Jean Andrews, PDG, know what is sent, so it can be reflected in our April contributions.

District Meeting and Mini Convention

Speaking of the last Cabinet meeting, it will be held at the First Presbyterian Church in Lake Placid on April 25th. It will be a busy day with the Necrology service being added to all the other information to be given out. It will be the last opportunity to get rid of glasses, cases, stamps, pop tops, etc. We also vote for the Lions that will lead us into 2015-2016. Only clubs that are current with their financial obligations to International, the Multiple District and District 35-I are eligible to vote and we know from experience that every vote counts.

Centennial Service Challenge

If clubs haven't participated in activities that fulfil the Centennial Challenge requirements, please think about getting it done. I would like nothing better this fall than to present banner patches to at least 50% of the clubs in the District. Seems to be the basic requirements are things that our clubs should be doing anyway, so why not tell the world and get a patch!!!

Clubs should also be selecting officers for next year. It is never too early to elect qualified Lions, so they can sign up for leadership workshops to be given this spring. Just because you've held an office in the past does not mean you can't learn something new or contribute to the discussion. Clubs with strong but not overbearing leaders seem to grow and prosper. Others fall by the wayside, especially if new members aren't recruited. New members are critical to the health of our clubs. A recent webinar called "Why invite members through Service" was excellent and I hope some of our members were able to attend. Thanks to all of you who reminded me about the webinar, although I had already signed up for it.

Your leaders have worked hard this year to bring some fun and fellowship to the District. As I've gone around the District visiting clubs, it's like seeing old friends again. We are united in Service and friendship and the friends we've made will be our friends forever. That was never so evident as when I visited the Port Charlotte Lions Club and visited with members that I knew when we were all in District A and my husband and I lived in the Florida Keys. I wasn’t even a Lion yet, but I was welcomed into the fold and I've never looked back. Those are fond memories.

In closing, I know it is early to express my thanks for allowing me to serve as your District Governor, but it has been a humbling experience and thank you for the opportunity to grow as a Lion and a person. I hope to use all I've learned for the betterment of Lions.

See you in Cocoa Beach, Lake Placid, Ocala or somewhere along the way. Thanks for all you do.

District Governor Judy Galm
PIS Dean Hess and the entire Leadership Team

District Cabinet and Committee Chairperson Openings

Clubs should be thinking about officers for next year; it isn't too early. Incoming District Governor David Skillin and PCC Suzy Stathas, District Leadership Coordinator, will be announcing their training schedule soon and incoming District and Club officers, especially if they are new to their jobs or those who have not attended training in a while, should plan on attending. There seems to be some correlation between officers not attending training and clubs that encounter problems. Obviously that isn't the entire picture.

District and Multiple District Necrology Information

Club Presidents, if your club has had members who died this past year, please notify PCC Bill Ringelstein and PID Neil Spencer so they can be honored at the necrology services both April 25th and at the MD convention. Photos would be appreciated.

PCC Bill and PID Neil can be reached via email at:
PCC Bill Ringlestein -
PID Neil Spencer -

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